Jean Sadao is Koji Geronazzo Ogawa.

Born in Italy to a Japanese mother and an Italian father, he lives and works between Tokyo and Milan. 

He graduated in Oriental Languages and Civilities in Venice with a thesis degree on Natsuyuki Nakanishi, a 1960s Japanese avant-garde artist. During these years he was involved as a technical assistant in many International film productions.

In 2009 he moved to Japan and started to direct himself commercials, music videos, and short films.

In 2010 he taught “Basis of Design” in Film History at the movie department of Vantan Design Institute of Tokyo.

In 2011 founded Jabirustudio, an independent production company specialized in producing experimental films and video-art (other than commercials and music videos).

In the same year, after the disaster of Fukushima, he was assistant to Japanese director Ryuichi Hiroki in making charity short-films.

Alongside he started to express himself through the language of experimental cinema. His first works, presented in Uppsala International Shortfilm Festival and Flexiff Experimental Film Festival have focused on the theme of identity and its connections with society today, often using edgy images with a strong surrealistic and symbolistic components. 

His recent works instead move towards an approach close more to the video-art. Ultimately his artistic production could be summarized as being a synthesis of Cinema, Theater, Performance, and Video.






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