9 minutes

Digital (HD & Full HD), DV, HDV, iPad video

©2018 Jabirustudio



Man  Tancredi Cocchi

Woman  Tadzia


Sound: Paolo Murgia



"The work raises questions about the body, the sensorial potentialities, and their limits, and establishes the hypothesis of an unusual tactile and bodily language as a means of communication able to approach universality and naturalness, by questioning its possible implications in terms of influence on the person and on the community. 

The artist looks at physicality in the possible expansion of sensoriality and reflects on the way in which methods of communication necessarily influence the formation of the structure of the self, culture, and lifestyle. 

The stratification of semantic levels, the perceptual displacement in decoding the sequences of the nine squares in which the artist breaks up the screen area, force the viewer to engage in an unusual mode of reading, for which he is not yet trained, in order to coordinate the multiple visual and auditory impulses, including the codes of the silent sign language and the meaning of the action of the protagonists, who seem to test each other, looking for an alternative contact and unconventional forms of interaction and knowledge."


Sonia Arata (director and curator, Red Stamp Art Gallery)




- "Links", group-exhibition curated by Virginia Monteverde, Etherea Art Gallery, Genoa, Italy, 20 June-31 July 2020

- 25 Internationale Kurzfilmwoche, special programme on Japan recent productions, Regensburg, Germany, 17/20 March 2019

22nd Traverse Vidéo | Art vidéo & expérimental, Installations, Lycée Ozenne, Toulouse, France, 15-31 March 2019

- "The multi-sensory Impossibility of a Worm", Jean Sadao Solo exhibition, Ogu Mag gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 13-16 July 2018

- Moss Index vol. I, bi-annual film series, Artists' Television Access, San Francisco, USA, 28 June 2018

- "The Body Link" First Part, group-exhibition curated by Sonia Arata, Red Stamp Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland, 

    19 May-16 June 2018

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