14 minutes

Digital (Full HD)

©2011 Jabirustudio 


sitting man  Koji Ogawa
sitting woman  Stefania Zambon 

waiter  Shigehiro Suwa
female dancer  Ai Owada
male dancer  Tancredi Cocchi 



photography  Tadahiro Yoshikawa 

editing  Pierre Bouchilloux

sound  Pierre Bouchilloux 

make-up  Stefania Zambon 

project manager  Shigehiro Suwa



On 69 series

From a surrealistic and ironical perspective, “69”, first episode of the series with the same name, is a fictitious theatrical representation of orgasm by a couple not well defined. The aim of the series is literally to vent the artist subconscious through some episodes defined by the artist himself “intimate and instinctive”. Also, the peculiarity of the series is the strict observation of some rules:

- The story must have opposite situations or perspectives as it suggested by the title.

- Every episode has to be filmed with a fixed camera at the center of the scene.

- No camera movements, zoom and cuts in the editing are allowed

- There is always the role of the waiter.




- "The multi-sensory Impossibility of a Worm", Jean Sadao Solo exhibition, Ogu Mag gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 15 July 2018

- 31st Uppsala International Shortfilm Festival, International Competition, Uppsala, Sweden 22-28 October 2012

- 10th flEXiff Experimental International Film Festival, curatorial program Special flEXiff Competition, Sidney, Australia 

   21-23 September 2012 

© jabirustudio